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About Us


Our mission is to develop a life-long love for the sport of Alpine Skiing.  The China Peak Race Team program is designed to not only develop skiing athletes, but to promote a healthy lifestyle, enrich the child/family experience and foster a love for snow sports. ​


Through the fundamental development of skiing, training, and teamwork the China Peak race team and our coaches strive to create a resource for personal development for each of our athletes. ​Teamwork, loyalty, and camaraderie are cornerstones of the China Peak Race Team. ​


Providing alpine ski racing youth with a supportive environment of teamwork, skills development and competition.  Our goal stems from a core desire to develop each athlete to reach their full potential both personally & athletically.


For ski racers to achieve long-term success and enjoyment, they must develop into great skiers first, and only then can they become great ski racers. Through the USSA program of SkillsQuest – we are committed to age appropriate progression starting with fundamental skiing skills, then developing advanced skills required to race. ​ By skiing with the China Peak Race Team, athletes can look forward to being rewarded for working on those things that will bring out their full potential in the long run. Coaches track their progress so parents can see how their children are growing in all aspects of the sport.



How often is training? 

Every Saturday and Sunday as well as most school holidays. December 1-April 30 snow and weather permitting. Additional camp opportunities are also offered.

Will my athlete start on the Devo or the Race Team?

Most athletes will start on the Development (Devo) team. Athletes will graduate to the race team when their fundamental skills match a bronze score on the USSA skills quest matrix for phase 2. 

Are my athletes expected to race? 

All athletes are encouraged to race. Development athletes will be recommended by a coach to race. There are 3-5 series races per age group per season, and Championships.

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