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Happy New Year! 1.2.24

Hey Team!

I hope you are all enjoying a much deserved day off the mountain! We are two thirds of the way through what has shaped up to be an incredible holiday block. We have made the most of our snow conditions by focusing on skills that often get overlooked. If you ask any of our older athletes what they are working on, they should be able to give you a comprehensive answer that includes upper-lower body separation and getting over the outside ski. (A progression that started from a pivot slip FAIL that we have on video…)

All of our athletes have had the opportunity to slow down to speed up and I have gotten to ski with many of our athletes through this block. If you haven’t gotten a chance to ski with our rippin’ ponytail pack in the devo group I highly recommend taking a lap with those young ladies.

Friday and Sunday we rang in the new year with some early load SL, it was nice to get some sticks in the ground and some race prep underway as ski races are coming up quickly. Info on those to come out shortly. Also, did you check out the one ski wiggle action on Academy Sunday afternoon? Coach Elizabeth CRUSHED it.

We have two more early loads scheduled for this week which we will open up to all of our U12s and U10s by invitation. If you have a U10 that is planning on attending the snow summit race and you have not reached out to me already please do so, that we can make sure they get adequate and appropriate training.

Please RSVP for Thursday-Sunday at your earliest convenience. Once we get out of the holiday block I will check RSVPs on Wednesday at 5pm to schedule coaches for the weekend. Please remember RSVPing no is just as important as yes.

Thank you for being patient with us as we settle into this season and work with the snow conditions! Wash your cars and do your snow dances!


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